Black Diamond Wrestling

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Taking history into the future!

On Wednesday April 3rd Black Diamond Wrestling took ownership of something that has the most historical significance in the tri-state when it comes to professional wrestling. That something is a "NEW" old professional wrestling ring. Not just any wrestling ring. The wrestling ring that saw some of the most notable men in the business. Bruno Sammartino, Dominic Denucci, Bobo Brazil, Andre the Giant, Johnny DeFazio, Gorilla Monsoon, Larry Zbyscko, Bob Backlund, Peter Miavia, Ken Patera, Sgt. Slaughter and Hulk Hogan. These men all competed at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh PA in the ring that Black Diamond Wrestling owns. YES! BDW are the proud owners of the very ring these men entertained thousands in. It is remarkable to believe that the history of what was part of the Civic Arena for so many years is now being showcased on future BDW events. Black Diamond Wrestling...... Taking history into the future.
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Thank you to everyone!!!

FANS BRING THE WEAPONS!!!! April 13th DiamondPlex in downtown Wheeling.

FRO-FLEX WIN 2014 BDW Royal Eight Tournament

Fro Flex became the NEW BDW Tag Team Champions on March 9th winning the Royal 8 Tag Team Tournament. Additional news coming out of the Royal 8 was Chase Aaryons regaining the Diamond Division & Over the Edge Championship only to receive the "red mist" along with Jay Flash from Gory who left with both title in tow. Was Gory issuing a challenge to Aaryons? What is he planning? Only time will tell. Also we seen the seemingly split of Destin Vaine and Cupac as Destin didnt taking losing in the first round of the tournament lightly. We also saw BDW Champion Chris LeRusso attack Tony Johnson and as he was ready to break Johnsons ankle Jay Flash let the champ know that he has his friends back and wants a shot at the title currently held by LeRusso.

Black Diamond Wrestling is looking to expand our area. If you know of suitable facilities in your city contact BDW today and get LIVE professional wrestling in your community. Currently BDW is running the entire Northern Panhandle of WV and looking to expand into North Central WV, Eastern Ohio and Western PA. See why BDW has been holding events for over 10 years, and setting standards by which others are trying to match. ALL EVENTS stream LIVE around the world, the ONLY independent professional wrestling organization with the 16ft Tower of Terror, and Buried Alive concept, and dual ring event in the Upper Ohio Valley! That with unmatched in ring talent, and equipment to run multiple shows in multiple locations on the same date and time. BDW has grown to be a force in independent wrestling and now you can see them LIVE in your area or festival/fair event. Contact them TODAY!
We have added a Boom Cam to our production equipment. We now have the ability to get camera angles from as high as 15 feet above the fans and are able to reach over top of them at a length of 8 feet. We are excited to utilize this equipment soon and will give the birds eye view of the great BDW action. Additional production equipment is being considered and secured to increase the professional production of our events.
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The longest continuous running independent wrestling promotion in the Upper Ohio Valley.